5 Unusually Simple Things That Makes Your Life Easier


We take too much in life for granted. The little things that make life bearable are usually overlooked. So we took it upon ourselves to figure out the 5 most unusual things you may not have noticed makes your life much much easier.


Can you imagine a Microsoft Office suite without CTRL Z function?

How many times would you have to rewrite an entire document because you accidentally deleted the document?

Or how many hours will you spend retyping a sentence because the mouse pointer was accidentally on paragraph, sentence or between sentences. Certainly, we are the least flawless species of this world and well, we have Microsoft to thank for acknowledging that. Life would be much simpler if all we had to do is hit CTRL Z to get a second chance. Now that’s a multibillion idea — geeks get to work.

AGLET (The plastic end to your shoe lace)

Until now, many of you have been waltzing through life without a care in the world and without knowing the name of the one thing in this world which helped you attained this feet (literally). Can you imagine threading the needle every time you decided to wear shoes? I certainly would have given up wearing shoes altogether. Thanks to the aglet, you do this with ease and you don’t know what it’s called? You’re certainly that person who has a one night stand and forgets the name of other person the next morning. No judgment here, it’s just who you are.


This is a dream, you are slowly drifting into a state of nothingness where this totally makes sense. Can you imagine losing your eyelids? Aside the social prejudice that will come with it, you will not be able to sleep. It’s not like you can go to sleep by just covering your eyes with a piece of cloth to create darkness tricking your brain that you are sleeping. How many times have we done that and failed? Be calm. There’s definitely a silver lining to all this. The trick to no sleep isn’t coffee — it’s no eye lids.


You definitely can’t sleep without eyelids but even worse than not being able to sleep is not being able to sleep well. Pillows provide your neck with that necessary comfort that you need while sleeping (this is starting to sound like an ad campaign for pillows). If you don’t agree with me, well, my eyes are closed like the pillow in the picture, to all the negativity that surrounds your comments.


Good-old friction. Without the uneven or rough edges in our lives, we would not be able to live on this beautiful planet. We certainly cannot write, walk, I cannot type this piece, eat, and worse of all; have sex. Our existence will defiantly come to an abrupt end if we had no friction. In reality, friction may be all we need to survive as species. So next time, if someone happens to give you unnecessary heat for something, just know they are the uneven surfaces to a better future.


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