10 Most Fashionable Students In GIMPA

I must tell you the biggest story in GIMPA fashion: Long ago, GIMPA was founded to aid the working class population acquire additional skills to help them in whatever endeavours they wanted to pursue. All these students never thought it important to arrive looking particularly dashing as most of them were commuting from work and back. Now, the fashion story has taken a turn. Undergrads are now given an opportunity into GIMPA—that means no students with working hours, none rushing in late for lectures ranting about their terrible working hours, and the best for us all, no students coming in in the dreaded cringe-worthy office-get up. Here are ten people who vow to slay all day on campus (not in any order!)

1. Pearl Anani.

Popularly known by Angel is a level 400 day student. Angel’s very Nikki Minaj without the awful wigs and the artificial Barbie look. Ig handle: @porshangel

2. Binta Tejan-Kella

She is also a level 400 day foreign student who studies Bsc Business Administration. Quiz her on designer bags (Chanel, Gabbana, Louis Vuitton) to stuff your lecture notes in and she’d excel! Ig handle: @bicky2luv

3. Clement Yeboah.

Current SRC Prez. If only he can get around to creating an IG account, he’d contribute immensely to the foot-porn hashtag with his coloured-socks trend.

4. Doku Obodai Nii.

Your girlfriend would like to be around this guy because he’s a) cute, b) his fashion sense is way more developed (than yours). Ig handle: @obcarlo

Legon’s Most Fashionable
GTUC’s Most Fashionable
Ashesi’s Most Fashionable
UCC’s Most Fashionable
Accra Poly’s Most Fashionable


5. Karibi Iketubosin Obene.

You’d never find this gentleman without his class. Ig handle: @kribzz

6. Duah Akua Kwakyewaa

Popularly known as Kuukua; She is a final year student studying Operations and Supply Chain Management. Plus, she  has super-human abilities for solving every pairing dilemma. Ig handle: @chocolate.kukie

7. Jennifer Larbi

They say she’s an Yvonne Nelson copycat. I say, does it matter? Folks can do with a bit of copying themselves. @akuaofeibea

8. Berikisu Amarte

She is always looking good no matter the outfit. Rihanna should know she’s been spotted moseying about GIMPA

IG: @_amorkor


9. Anthony Wularu Junior

He’s one of the few who can transition from Western to African Print without breaking a sweat. IG: @_tony_j


10.    Elolo Horgli.

Move over Lydia Forson, we’ve found someone who also dresses (better) for her size.

Ig: @elo_horgz



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