Meet Enam Basokah; the young Ghanaian taking on the art world with his pen drawings

Enam Bosoka is one of Ghana’s rare talents making waves in the art industry. And only so young. Every time I think of him, I think of the youth’s inability to make something out of their talents (if they have any), thanks to the raging influx of technology and social media in today’s world.  I recently met with Enam to find out about him and his art.


Enam has a BFA degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Lots of artists do not go in for degrees, he said, but talent as well as knowledge is necessary (everywhere!).



“Why do you prefer pen to pencil or any other tool?” was the first question I asked from my list of carefully planned questions. The question, I found, was a hit as he began telling me reasons for his preference (“Besides it being oh-so-economical!”). He loves to write his story—he refers to his art—with a pen. No better way to explore the socio-cultural life of the Ghanaian and African, he opines. Plus, he loves edgy, breaking the rules, and sending a strong, bold message.


Does his work come in high demand? . Apparently, they do! People are willing to pay for stuff that is creative and new, he said. Wouldn’t you want to buy one of my works? He added. I do other works as well, he responded, intercepting my question that was along that line. He sculpts, he paints too.enam6


Who is his biggest competition? From my perspective, I believe no one is. His works are, in my opinion, very hard to compete with. Thankfully, he sings to my tune. He has no biggest competition. He’d rather focus on bettering himself than being competitive with others in the industry. He is his biggest competition and he added that that was a cheap question.


Does he have any favourite work? You’d have to wait a long while then, he said humorously, my favourite work is always my next work. I went on to ask who his mentor was. I have no mentor, he answered boldly.


For a guy like Enam, whose talent is as unconventional as they come, it is understandable that he’d think himself both his biggest competition and his only mentor.


You can find a lot more of his works on his instagram page



  1. eih my goodness I’m in love with your talent …always thank God that he’s made you this way..pls work hard n take art to the next level


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