High school graduate with 7 As and 1 B refused admission into Medical School


A recent graduate of the Nandom Senior High School has been denied admission into the University of Development Studies (UDS) Medical School on the grounds that other applicants with better grades had made it ahead of him. This makes a lot of sense since entry into Medical School is very competitive. However, this issue is a little unusual. The boy in question, Maxwell Dipuutey, graduated with 7 A1 and a B3 in English Language.

English Language as we all know is a core subject and essential to calculating the final aggregate. The concern here however is that it is difficult to believe that every student who made it into the UDS Medical School had a better grade than that.

This is the not first time Maxwell has been refused admission into a Medicine program. He first applied to KNUST, where he was rejected for the course and granted admission for a Medical Laboratory Technician  course. After a year, he deferred to apply for the UDS program, where he was again given the Medical Laboratory Technician course.

According to him, he will not give up on his dream to pursue medicine because he believes people need his help. Our support is with Maxwell.


Source: Myjoyonline.com


  1. Talking of 7As and a B3? Even a Straight 8As student wasn’t offered admission into medical school after interview and exam. Hmmm


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