Students of UCC Can Now Assess Lectures and Courses Online



With the aim of achieving fair assessment and saving precious time, the Student Representative Council of UCC in collaboration with the division of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance has introduced an online assessment of lectures to replace the previous system of where quality assurance personnel interrupt lectures to carry out the exercise.

The University of Cape Coast takes a survey every semester to appraise their lecturers and their courses. Every student taking a course in the University, is supposed to complete a survey for all the courses that he/she takes. The new system which is strictly confidential demands students to log into their portal and click on the tab “Assess Lecturer” to undertake the exercise which registers the student for the semester and enables him/her to print an examination pass to be used as an identification to the examination centers.

The new system which aims at saving time and leading to a fair assessment is on a trial basis and will be perfected soon.



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