5 Really Cool Workout Apps You Should Consider Using

Men doing sit-ups

Hitting the gym is not as easy as it looks especially when you have so much workload or when the weather becomes really cold. Distance and all the stress involved in balancing daily activities with workout routines can also be a pain in the ass (pardon my language). Fortunately, there are smartphone apps that have solutions to these problems. Having these apps is like having a personal trainer even if you are on the go. These apps can help you plan and schedule your workouts and these are five of the really cool ones you should consider using.

  1. Sworkit

    Sworkit is a free workout app by Nexercise Apps Inc. for both android and iOS. It has been featured by Apple App Store, Samsung Apps, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Xiaomi Market. This app basically provides video-based workouts that can be done anywhere. The exercise routines are dynamic and can range from as little as 5 minutes to over 60 minutes. It fuses its high quality video contents with audio guidance to help enhance its audio-visual instruction-based workouts. The audio guidance has been recorded in as many as 13 languages to break any form of language barrier. As a result, users can easily follow the video and audio guidance and instructions. The coolest part is that, you can even skip exercises that you find difficult.

  2. WOD-Deck of Cards

    WOD-Deck of Cards is a great workout app and the concept behind it is just thrilling. It requires next to no equipment to even get started and users can share their workouts with others online (via Facebook). The duration of each workout is about 30 minutes but you can take a couple of fives if the going starts getting tough. This is how it works: Each exercise is assigned to a suit of cards and the card values determine the number of reps to be performed. For Royal cards and Jokers, you will have to finish a random, more difficult challenge. It is available for iOS.

  3. Charity Miles

    This app turns your workout into a charitable donation. It donates money to charities based on your workout (walking, running or biking). It is  comforting to know that at the end of your workout, a donation is made to charity. It is much like killing two birds with one stone. It is available for both android and iOS.

  4. Pumpup

    Pumpup is a workout app like no other. It helps you create, plan, schedule and share your workouts with other users. It is a well-organized app and all you have to do is to enter your equipment, exercising goals etc. and this app will customize easy but effective workout videos for you. It has over 500 exercises which come in different varieties. This app is also the Instagram of workout apps. It has a modern interface similar to that of Instagram and the users are able to post their workout photos and the like to motivate other users. It is available for android and iOS.

  5. Fitstar

    Fitstar is a revolutionary workout app that helps you stay fit. It offers you exercise plans based on your personal data and performance. As a result, each workout is perfectly suited to the user and each routine is perfectly organized so that the user can complete it easily. The routines and exercises are presented in videos with built-in workout music themes but the user has options to upload his/her choice of music. It is available for iOS.


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