First Class Traffic Wardens

So I hear there is going to be another batch of National Suffering Service Scheme personnel. I can only imagine the corrupt activities that has already ensued at the various regional and especially the national headquarters.
Skipping that, I want to turn to the yet-to-breed corruption campaign that’s cooking. You see the background to all this is the ‘Poor Dad’ advice most university graduates are fed with right from primary one. Visit the NSS Facebook page and you will be astonished by the perceptions people have about graduating from school and what the best fitting jobs/postings for them should be. I wonder who started these lies about us getting good jobs after school.

As you may have already heard, there are first-class business administration students who are now directing traffic. Can you imagine? Well, this is what I know will happen. There may also be first class bribe collection by these intellectual individuals the secretariat has selected to direct traffic as their national service. One thing is for sure; our beautiful police service whose trademark is the collection of Gh₵1.00 notes from drivers will train them well. Think of it this way; when government doesn’t pay salaries for two months (which we know will happen), where do you think these traffic wardens will look to for alternative income? You see the point I am driving at?

You post someone from Bawku to Accra to direct traffic; you don’t pay him for two months and turn around to talk of waging war on bribery and corruption? Stop joking please.

War is young men dying whilst old men wine and dine. I will end this rant her.



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