4 groups of people who were at Chalewote for the wrong reasons

The Chalewote Street Arts Festival wasn’t much of a big deal in its early days but all of a sudden, it has become a full blown event and I am not sure why. From the name and what people say, it is safe to assume that a lot of people were there for the art. Now here is my question, when did so many Ghanaian become art lovers? Wait, let me rephrase; when did so many young people become art lovers? If there are that many art lovers, how come the few art galleries we have are almost always empty?

We may have a few people who are real lovers of the art and will appreciate the work of the artists. But if you ask me the rest are just — I can’t even find the word for them so I will just put them in groups.


Rich kids who can afford a camera

This group walks the entire stretch of Jamestown just to showcase the camera brands they have hanging around their necks. Not that most of them actually have any idea about photography or they can take good pictures. It would even shock you to know that they have the most sophisticated cameras that professionals can’t even afford.


Social Media Cool Kids

*takes deep breath* I don’t know what its going to take to get these social media celebrities out of their self-created spotlight. These ones are at the festival not for the arts but to grow their following on their various platform; from twitter to Instagram and now Snapchat. There is so much to go on about them and you know so I will rest my case here.


I don’t know what to call this group

They are extremely clueless. Yes that should have been their name ‘the extremely clueless’. They have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. They will post anything they see on social media just to prove that they were there some. Those ones whose snapstories will be up to 300 seconds. *deletes from snapcaht*

Can we actually go for an event for it’s real purpose for once? Because it’s pointless for some of us to see all of that crowd and yet 90% are extremely oblivious about what is actually going on there.

Oh I didn’t forget about the mannequins that appear all dressed up and made up. I am just tired of them so the less said about them the better.

Until the next Chalewote, don’t get too offended yeah I wasn’t referring to you though, or probably I was. I don’t really know.



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