The University of Ghana has changed the MIS Web interface of the University’s website. The interface which is the only medium by which academic and residential fees are paid was inaccessible for some time. The interface which also houses the student’s academic records raised concerns as to if results were going to be changed hence the inaccessibility to the site.

The new interface which comes as a result in changes to the academic record portal of the website can be viewed when students want to check their results. This time, the raw score of the course taken appears alongside the grades. Students are now able to know how well they fared numerically in the examinations.

Mrs. Dadson, head of the End User Support Unit allayed these fears by stating that the site is going under maintenance. The University also stated that from the coming academic year, students would have to do residential registration on that platform. One can conclude that these changes may have affected the structure of the portal hence the changes on the MIS Web.


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