This Is How Much KNUST Students Will Be Paying Next Semester

The list of academic fees for KNUST has been released for the 2015/2016 academic year. The list is categorized into years and various faculties, departments and colleges. The academic year that starts on the 21st of August will have students paying between GH 893.55 and GH 3,165.

This is how much you will be paying next semester if you’re in KNUST.

Socioso & Publishing- GH 893.55
Sciences; LLB, Business Admin. & Engineering- GH 1008.74
Medicine; Human Biology & Dentistry- GH 1,189.44

Year 2:
Business Administration- GH 4,655
Publishing- GH 3155
Integrated Rural Arts & Industry- GH 3,155
Socioso- GH 3,655
Computer Science- GH 4,705
Communication- GH 3,155
Industrial Arts- GH 3,155
LLB- GH 8,655
Midwifery- GH 3,525

Year 3:
Business Administration- GH 2,855
Publishing- GH 2,945
Integrated Rural Arts & Industry- GH 2,455
Socioso- GH 2,655
Computer Science- GH 3,655
Communication- GH 2,855
Industrial Arts- GH 2,555
LLB- GH 3,155

Year 4:
Business Administration- GH 2,365
Publishing- GH 2,618
Integrated Rural Arts & Industry- GH 2,468
Socioso- GH 2,165
Computer Science- GH 3,665
Communication- GH 2,868.5
Industrial Arts- GH 2,868.5
LLB- GH 3,165



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