The 2015/2016 National Service list is out

The list for all registered National Service personnel for 2015/2016 year is out. The service secretariat released PIN Codes for prospective National Service Personnel for the 2015/16 service year.

A statement issued in Accra, and signed by the Acting Executive Director, Dr. Michael Kpessa-Whyte, said prospective Service Personnel, especially final year students of accredited tertiary institutions, can visit the NSS website, and under the “Applications” menu, use the students’ ID or index numbers assigned by their educational institutions,  to obtain the unique NSS enrollment PIN Codes.

It said this new arrangement is intended to prevent identity theft, and improve the confidentiality of the NSS enrollment processes. The statement explained that Enrollment PIN Codes for those who for one reason or the other, could not undertake their national service obligations in the previous years, and have applied for fresh enrollment, are going through verification and authentication processes that those validated would be released in due course.

The statement indicated that more information about the registration procedures can be found at, and advised prospective  personnel to follow the laid down procedures,  to make the registration and deployment process easier and smoother.



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