Two Ghanaians make the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30 list

The Forbes Magazine has released a list of promising young African entrepreneurs in 2015 who are likely to achieve a multi-million-dollar success in the next 20 years. An initial list of 150 was obtained through nominations from readers and the FORBES AFRICA team and whittled down to the final 30 by a selected panel of judges and senior editors.
Raindolf Owusu, founder of Oasis Websoft and Sangu Delle, founder of Golden Palm Investments are the only Ghanaians to make the list this year with the youngest entrepreneur on the list being a 20-year old Kenyan and founder of Kagace Limited, a cloud, enterprise software that helps companies manage inventory such as accounting, payroll, stock management, marketing and many more all bundled into a simple and easy to use format called Zag apps.
Raindolf Owusu, 24, is a software engineer based in Accra, Ghana, and was dubbed the Mark Zuckerberg of Accra by FORBES AFRICA in November 2012. He runs Oasis Websoft, which developed the Anansi Web Browser – hailed as Africa’s first web browser. His most recent projects include Anansipedia, an education platform that allows less-privileged students to share educational resources; and Bisa, a mobile application that supplies information to the public and gives them access to doctors. Some of his other notable projects include Dr Diabetes, a web application that educates Africans about diabetes.
Sangu Delle, 28, is a co-founder of Golden Palm Investments, a holding company that invests in startups across Africa. Some of the entrepreneurs on this list have benefited from his investments. Golden Palm Investments focuses on real estate, healthcare, agriculture and technology. Delle showed entrepreneurial promise while in school. He sold his homework to classmates to earn money to travel to the United States, where he had accepted a scholarship. He is also the co-founder of Cleanacwa, a non-profit that provides clean water in Ghana’s underdeveloped regions. Sangu, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Valiant Capital Partners, is currently an MBA candidate at Harvard.
The Forbes 30 under 30 List is made up of promising entrepreneurs from 11 African countries with Kenya leading the pack with 6 entrepreneurs followed by Nigeria and South Africa with 5 each, Uganda (3), Ghana (2), Zimbabwe (2) and one each from Rwanda, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali and Malawi.
Kwame Atoapoma 


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