To Lois

When social media lit up Friday evening, two days after Lois had been missing, she was confirmed dead by family and friends close enough to be siblings. She wasn’t one of the victims of the fire but couldn’t survive the floods.

As tributes and memories of her streamed through twitter and Instagram mainly, I felt like I knew her. I never had the chance of meeting Lois. I never had the opportunity of chatting or even becoming an acquaintance with her. Lois was a young, bubbly and fun young lady going into her 3rd year at the University of Ghana from what I could gather and was life personified. She lived every moment as it came and had few regrets. From friends she grew up with from Holy Child to those she made at Pent, University of Ghana she was the friend to have.

From the dance crew, she had most of her life’s fun with her mates, and they had one crying echoed and that was a friend that cherished and admired everything friendship. She loved fun, but never lost herself in the process. She understood what she was in school for and made sure she had enough time for everything that she set out to achieve.

For the friends who will never meet friends like you, far away acquaintances through social media who feel your pain, the family that will forever have that void in their hearts and parents who will tear up every August because it’s your birthday, we just pray the good Lord keeps you safe and hold you in His Grace till we meet again.

Kojo Wilson


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