Time With The Vice Chancellor, University of Ghana

In an interview with the Vice Chancellor of Ghana’s premier University; the University of Ghana with Radio Univers, the Vice Chancellor was engaged in various discussions ranging from the grading system to students’ welfare.

Grading System

In the Vice Chancellor’s bid to claim down the number of students who sent through questions regarding the changing grading system, he said, students shouldn’t be bothered with attaining high classes since some cooperate bodies already know that someone with a third class degree certificate can do the work much better than someone with a first class. He went ahead to state that there is this Ghanaian culture where students want to be the best, but without much effort, but at the University of Ghana, students have to earn the result.

Teaching and Learning

The Vice Chancellor stated that with his vision to make the University of Ghana a world class university, by 2018, 75% of the lecturers at the University of Ghana should have the minimum qualification of PHD holder. This is to facilitate a better understanding and teaching among the lecturers. According to Prof. Aryetey, the school gives GH 30,000 for students to further their education in a bid to improve themselves. Every department must achieve 75% of their performance target and must be accountable for whatever performance level they are able to attain.

The National Politics Invasion of Student Politics

The immediate SRC Elections provided a case study for him to make his point. He stated that student politics should be independent of National politics, though it is good for students to have their takes on national issues. He said most at times, they leave destruction of properties in their stead and that political parties can help in student politics, but should not use student authorities for their political gains. He also spoke about his displeasure for the way and manner the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) came into the University to apprehend the CEO of the firm responsible for the voting system without the permission of school authorities. He said what they did was an invasion of the school’s privacy. If anything, campus authorities should have been the ones dealing with the issues.

Basic Amenities

He went ahead to throw some light on the issue of electricity and water bills which has created a lot of problems for Tertiary institutions in Ghana. The government, through the Ministry of Finance came out to state that the University spends GH 14million on electricity alone. This, according to the Vice Chancellor has been included in the budget of the school that the Ministry only provide GH 97,000 out for bills. He came back to make the point that, it will be helpful if students had a discussion around the payment of fees and government also making it clearer if it will cater for the bills or not. He went ahead to say some students use a lot of electrical appliances in their rooms and must ask themselves who is responsible for paying the usage of these amenities.


The conversation continued with the issue of fundraising. According to the Professor, the school receives less than 50% of the estimated funding the school needs. Unlike the situation at other esteemed institutions where they have endowments and alumnus coming in to help, there are no measures like that here. He said the work in place to enable the school get funds includes getting people whose sole duty is to look for funding for the Universities from Laboratories, Companies, Research Institutions and the Alumni to be able to receive funds for the school. However, the school is also looking at liquidating its physical assets that will grow into endowments for the school in years to come.

Kwadwo Akrasi


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