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10 well-paying jobs in Ghana.

10 well-paying jobs in Ghana.

by Joojo QuistOctober 6, 2015

Politics, Church Business, Football; we know those will pretty much top the list so let’s get them out of the way and focus on the other more mainstream jobs that pay very well in Ghana.


Nothing else was going to beat this job. These guys deserve what they get because spend lots of years in school not to talk about the money they spend to become professionals

Corporate Executives

These are people that head most of the companies we see around. They include people from the mining sector, oil, telecommunications and also company owners.

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These are professionals who practices medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining or restoring human health and they deserve all the money they are paid.

Petroleum Engineering

These guys spend about a month on the field of work without sometimes getting to see the sun. They are responsible for all the money the government makes from oil production and its fair for them to get their share of the cake.


Once again another science employment gets into our list. These people seem to make a lot of money for just examining our teeth.

Air Traffic Control

This is an occupation only a few people will know pays very well. Believe it or not this occupation pays very well and you do not even need a degree to get employed.


With all the recent scandals going on with our judges we cannot rubbish that fact that a lawyer in a very good firms is very well paid.

Computer Programming

We finally have the computer guys in our list; would not have been completed without them anyway.


This is one job that is beginning to pay very well in our country. All you need to do is sell.

Building Construction

To end the chart is construction. Mostly those doing the labor work are not paid that much but the Contractors in charge get the bigger cut.

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